2012 UCLA Football Schedule: More Data on Why Its Easiest in Years

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I wanted to expand upon a comment of mine--I wanted to reiterate the easiness of our schedule. Before you start yelling at me about how games need to played on the field and all that, understand this is just another data point in the larger picture of determining our strength of schedule (well, more precisely, lack thereof). My intentions are not to insult the other teams players who work their butts off to play the game of football, but rather to provide a qualitative measure of difficulty of our schedule.

My conclusion: we will not see a schedule this easy in a decade.

Teams with first year coaches like Washington State and Arizona can become really good in a few years, since I respect the coaches that they hired. We are getting them now, when we have our own first year coach going through growing pains. It will be an interesting measuring stick for Mora and Co. as the seasons come and go.

Join me after the jump as we look at our schedule as measured using Stewart Mandel's 'Program pecking order'

Mandel compiles the hierarchy as follows: 1) Kings 2) Barons 3) Knights 4) Peasants

Our opponents for 2012: R N H OS Co Cal U AS A $C S

No. of King opponents: 2 (N, $c BOTH AT HOME!)

No. of Baron opp: 0 (we miss Oregon this year)

No. of Knight opp: 6 (ASU, Co, Cal, OS, Stan, U)

No. of Peasants: 3 (Az, WS, R, H)

Now, I already looked at recruiting talent and we are better than everyone except for $c in that department. Next, looking at it from the ‘perception’ point of view as suggested by Mandel’s rankings, our schedule WILL NEVER AGAIN BE THIS EASY! Only 2 kings, and Nebraska is not that formidable (Don't believe me? Try to imagine Alabama coming to town). AND WE GET BOTH AT HOME! The rest, is Knights and Peasants level, but we sit above them at the Baron level.

Just another data point that says: UCLA should WIN 10-11 GAMES NOW!

There are absolutely no excuses left to be made.

First year coach? No, he gets paid boat loads of cash to perform (also, first year coaches tend to over-perform as someone mentioned). Even more, we face 4 teams with 1rst year head coachs, and one team with a 2nd year head coach.

Tough schedule? No. See above.

Incompetent administration? Ok, we still have that.

Talent on the team? Yup, see my post. Only soft spot is OL but all teams have weak spots so we gotta deal with it.

I’m sure apologists can think of other excuses, but I guarantee BN can shoot them all down—one by one.

The time to WIN IS NOW!

(ps sorry in advance for abusing the caps!)

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