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UCLA Football Pre-Fall Camp Updated Roster Notes

Getting close! (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getting close! (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

In case you guys missed it the updated roster for the 2012 UCLA football season is out. It includes the numbers and info. of all our incoming freshmen and also updates from spring. For reference here was the depth chart right after spring (via Gold). It's always fun this time of the off-season to run quick comparisons. Some bullets from my notes:

  • At the end of spring Brandon Willis was listed at NT (6-3/275 #92). Willis is now at 6-2/280, but he has been switched over to DE. Interestingly freshman DL Ellis McCarthy (6-5/330, #93) is not listed in any position on the official roster. Perhaps he will be the anchoring us at NT? Also at NT and up and down the roster looks like weights of few players have gone down from their post spring listed weight.
  • Cassius Marsh (DE) is now 275 instead of his post spring listed weight of 295. Seali'i Epenesa (NT) is now 310 down from his post spring listing at 323. Either those guys have gotten a little leaner or it may be Mora and new S&C coach Sal Alosi making an effort to be accurate with information.
  • At OT Xavier Su'a-Filo (#56) is down to 295 from spring listing at 310. Not a surprise as XSF was just getting started w football again after being out of for a year this spring. Simon Goines (true freshman OL) is listed at 6-7/324. If he gets a handle of techniques and fundamentals at the college level early on, then perhaps he could emerge as a candidate to break into Klemm's OL rotation this season. We may need him given the depth issue at LT after spring w walk-on freshman Michael Padovese (6-5/322 #67) backing up XSF at that spot. Carl Hulick - the manchild from the OC is listed at 6-2/300.
  • Listed weight wise it appear the freshmen LBs Aaron Porter (6-4/240 #30), Nate Iese (6-4/240 #89) and Jeremy Castro (6-2/250 #10) are college ready. IIRC Iese also played TE in high school and his number 89 perhaps indicate that factor is not lost on the coaches' minds.
  • Notable guys under 5-10 include Ahmaad Harris (5-6/155 #26 -- WOW) Justin Combs (5-7/165 #32), Jordon James (5-8/193 #6), Andrew Abbott (5-8/180 #26), Damien Thigpen (5-8/178 #25), Ishmael Adams (5-8/186 #24), Steven Manfro (5-9/192 #33) and Kenny Walker (5-9/175 #21). Long snapper Peter Hajimihalis (#45) is listed at 5-6/180.
  • At the QB spot incoming freshman Devin Fuller (6-0/195) is wearing number 2 (trying to remember what recent Bruin QBs we have seen in number 2 but have blanking out). Brett Hundley "shrunk" from his spring listing of 6-4/225 to 6-3/223. Hey, maybe he has gotten a little faster?! (j/k).
  • Freshman walkon QB Mike Fafaul has the jersey number 18. That's a lot of responsibility given that number belongs to the best Bruin QB in the history of our program (at least IMHO) and the best WR. Chris Bono, son of former Bruin great (and a solid 49er!) Steve Bono, Chris Bono has been moved to WR from QB.
  • So those are my initials. What else did I miss? Fill out any details worth noting in the comment thread. It will be helpful for us as we start going through the depth chart position by position in coming days.