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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse

We start this week's Twitter round up with some quick tweets from Pac-12 Media Day:

Ahhh, I think that sets the perfect tone.

While Tevin McDonald met Coach Mora as a young'un, he met Erin Andrews, and you have got to admit for many members of this site and Pac-12 fandom, this is one of the best parts of the agreements with Fox:

He also seemed to enjoy his makeup session in the morning:

Johnathan Franklin met a former Heisman Trophy winner:

By the way, Mike Leach is going to be a LOT of fun. He was asked who he would like to go hunting with:

I didn't know Pirates went hunting. I thought they just pillaged. He continues:


Pac-12 Media Day was a bit different for Rick Neuheisel:

I can't wait to see him counteract Ronnie Lott's that other school's homer-dom during the Pac-12 broadcasts.

A quick check in with some of our Olympians:


Oh Canada!

And our former Olympian:

Brandon Crawford has been playing some spectacular baseball the past couple of days.

He also hit a grand slam (it was beautiful), was part of two ridiculous mind blowing double plays last night, and had the game winning hit. He also got thrown out of the game two nights ago after an emphatic stomp of first for asking the ump if he hit first base the second time around, after the ump called him out on appeal on his double earlier in the game. FEISTY CRAW! (Don't call him Stamos.) Also, he and his wife Jalynne (former Bruin Gymnast) are having a little girl!

Allright Dodgers fans, calm down. Here, I have pictures of puppies.

Malcolm Jones' birthday is coming up and here's the perfect gift for him:

Remember, camp this year is at CSUSB.

Possible spoiler if you haven't seen The Dark Knight Rises:

I guess he'll never forget Hester.

In this week's announcements, Ryan Hollins is holding a basketball camp next week:

And fun on the plane!

Go Bruins.