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UCLA Football - Pre-Camp Fall Previews - Quarterback(s)

I miss these unis.  The quarterback-iest picture I could find.  Will it be Brehaut time this fall?  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
I miss these unis. The quarterback-iest picture I could find. Will it be Brehaut time this fall? (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Once again, I am here previewing the quarterback(s) of UCLA. A storied position for sure, as we walk in the footsteps of Beban, Aikman and McNown, of Neuheisel and Barnes, and one magical UCLA victory over that other school by Cowan.

In the final part of our pre-fall camp positional previews (defensive line preview here, linebackers preview here, defensive backs preview here, OL preview here, WRs and TE preview here, and running backs/fullbacks(?) here) we look at one of the most tumultuous and talked about positions on any football team - the glamor position, the quarterback.

You can tell I'm stalling... because since I wrote my last post when the depth chart was released, we have not named a quarterback. The depth chart gave us absolutely no idea who was sniffing the starter position, as it was in alphabetical order. It seems like every year we go into the season not knowing who our QB is, but this is the year our fortunes will change.

Coaches Mora and Mazzone have declared August 16, 2012 THE DAY - the day a quarterback is named.

Who will the quarterback be? Richard Brehaut? Brett Hundley? Kevin Prince?

Mora states that a starter could be named earlier if someone separates from the pack during camp. He also has an idea on his starter:

"I have a feeling, but still need to be convinced."

However, if you want to see how he might be leaning:

He also talked about trying to project players and how a guy with upside will eventually pass a guy who is playing at a steady level. Put two and two together and it was a thinly veiled suggestion that Hundley is the leader and as long as he doesn't fall on his face the first two weeks of camp, the freshman will win the job.

We all know it will be difficult to turn down experience, which both Prince and Brehaut possess. Hundley will need to impress and convince the coaches he has mastered the offense to get the vote of confidence and possibly become the savior of a program many marked him with when he committed.

Remember, Hundley and Brehaut received most of significant snaps at the Spring Game, if you want to use that as a possible hint to who will get the first snaps at camp.

As for our remaining QBs, Jerry Neuheisel, Mike Faful and TJ Millweard are most likely not ready to compete for the position. Devin Fuller is on campus but it is difficult to believe that he would have even a glimmer of a chance of competing for the starting position at this time.