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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse

We cannot escape football, especially when there are pictures being taken like it's straight out of the promo shot for the movie "Stepbrothers"

They do grow up so fast.

Meanwhile, UCLA's most famous football dad is checking in on his son:

Keyante Green is also echoing the wisdom of his father. I hope he follows through on his commitment.

Meanwhile, Kenny Orijoke is learning about the honor he'll be working to restore in LA:

He was at Wal-Mart to stock up on the essentials. Oh the metabolism of youth...

Anthony Stover has been cleared to resume workouts after shoulder surgery.

Meanwhile up in the dorms, Jordan Payton is having fun with his floormates:

If anyone sang Justin Bieber, I have no faith in today's music listening youth.

Unless you did it badly on purpose. That's cool.

These memories you make now last a lifetime, and the connections you make definitely go beyond your four(ish) years at UCLA. Coach Freeman was recently in Atlanta, hot on the recruiting trail:

Bauer will probably be up in the majors for a while, as Daniel Hudson requires Tommy John. Best of luck the rest of the season Trevor!

Another round of congratulations to Anna Li, who will be traveling to London as an alternate for the US Women's Gymnastics team. Injuries happen (in 2011, Alicia Sacramone was hurt before the World Competition began) so Anna may have a chance to compete in London.

If you were watching the telecast, you could see the emotion on the faces of the Olympic team. She returned home to Chicago to a hero's welcome.

If you are on the Hill around dinnertime, you can eat at FEAST, which is the new dining hall in Rieber. The menu has a pan-Asian theme, with many authentic dishes from various Asian countries available every day.

UCLA Dining is top notch. The variety they have available is phenomenal.