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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse

We start this week's headlines with Nick Ekbatani getting better and tweeting from the hospital.

He definitely has the right frame of mind. Even a bit of humor:


Johnathan Franklin of course had kind remarks:

The hospital is starting to get annoyed by the non-stop visitors.

More Olympics Tweets!!

Russell Westbrook and Dawn Harper at the Opening Ceremonies:

Everyone wanted pictures with Russell. (If you were a Bruin.)

Sydney Leroux's mom, representing America, hard.

Kevin Love is still on a picture taking rampage, but he should have known the second he fell asleep, someone would get him back.

Also, smack talk. He has it.

This had to be an absolute thrill - Tom Hanks tweeting shout outs to the US Women's Soccer Team:


The basketball team is heading to China soon. Anthony Stover is doing his research.

I guess as long as he's comfortable while he's playing? After you're doing playing, try out some of the local delicacies if they have time.