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$136 Million Renovation, Same Ol' Pauley Pavilion

Pauley Pavilion renovation has been nothing short of a boondoggle under the watch of Dan Guerrero.

$136 million can buy you a lot of things, but apparently it can't buy you a halfway decent arena if you're UCLA. They are pouring all of that money into Pauley Pavilion, but not moving a single seat closer to the court so you can still have your miles away view of the court no matter how much money they spend!

Check out the latest update from the UCLA Twitter feed. They are so excited about the way that the renovation is coming along that they tweeted out a picture from inside the still-under-construction Pauley.


Check that out! From maybe five rows up in between sections 118 and 119 or so, you can still be just as far away from the action as you were two years ago, only now you can pay more for that seat!

The center circle is going to be almost all the way to the right of the photo so you can see how great of a seat this is and it only cost them $136 million to not move this seat ay closer to the court, which is pretty spectacular. At least the bathrooms will be nicer and there will be glass around the outside. These costs are really starting to make sense now for such a remarkable renovation.

Don't take this picture lightly either. This is a revelatory picture considering that the last time they added any photos to the renovations website (which can't be found on the athletics home page anymore) was way back on April 20. That is 113 days and counting without an update on the status of the project, which makes sense because they didn't spend $136 million on it or tell anyone who would listen how vital it is.

The bumbling Pauley Pavilion project just continues to roll on. The plan was flawed from the beginning and the slew of questions we had about it, inquired about and spoke with UCLA about (seriously, they invited me to the Morgan Center where I asked the questions, they couldn't answer them and said that they would later get the answers to me and never did) have never been answered. They couldn't even manage to provide regular updates on its status or regular photos and now we get this, the same seat as two years ago. Who's excited?