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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse

Last week's big news: EARTHQUAKE.

Yes, it was an earthquake. A 4.5 out by Yorba Linda. This is a good time to remind everyone to check their emergency kits and their home emergency plans.


But remember, Kevin McReynolds is from DC, not California.

Not for a 4.5. I don't even get slightly worked up until it hits a 5.

We have another California newbie!

Don't worry Coach McCray, it wasn't big enough to worry about.

Probably freak out, clog the streets, and hope that the freeway doesn't collapse again like in 1989 Loma Prieta's or 1994's Northridge Quake.

And as I sit here and write 1989, I realize some of the kids weren't even born yet. Oof.

More tweets as I chase kids off my lawn after the jump.

Our final Olympics related tweets for four (for a summer games) years:

The Olympics inspired Samantha Peszek:

Go Bruins, indeed.

NFL Preseason has begun. Let's check in on our Bruins:

Chris Kluwe is currently working on getting Adrian Peterson's abs. Um Chris, this might not be part of the diet:


On to our own gridiron, with Brett Hundley being named the starter, our other QBs chimed in, saying all the right things:

Dwight Howard is a Laker, everyone. Our long Dwight Howard national nightmare is over.

Sexual Chocolate.


On a final note, the UCLA Blood and Platelet Center needs help:

Go Bruins.