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Mora Gushes About CSUSB Director of Development, Indirectly Exposes Dan Guerrero

Normally these videos are fanshotted by my frontpage colleagues on BN. I think video of Coach Jim Mora's final presser at Cal State University San Bernardino is worth it's own front page post because it's a little revealing. Watch the opening comments from Coach Mora after UCLA's final practice at San Bernardino today:

Jim Mora at Conclusion of UCLA 2012 Training Camp (via UCLA)

Note the praise Mora showered on CSUSB Director of Development for Athletics. Cliff Dochterman. I thought that was interesting and frankly kind of telling. Dochterman may not become a D-1 AD any time soon, but he sounds like a director who actually cares about the game of college football and is engaged re. every micro-details of the program.

Mora has been around for little more than 7 months and we have never heard him talk this way about you know who. It's telling. Mora makes Dochterman sound like someone who is dedicated to his profession unlike the "AD" in name only in Westwood who has been MIA for almost a decade.

Think about Dochterman was out there emptying trash cans at 12:30 am - making sure our Bruins had clean facilities at CSUSB. Imagine what Chianti Dan does around that time of the night. Okay, that is not a pretty picture and we won't go there. But, you get the point.