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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse

Starting off this week is a team of football players who are ecstatic to be back home in the friendly confines of Westwood.

When I saw that tweet, I of course thought of this song featuring Justin Combs' father.

HOOOOOOOOOME (by Philip Phillips and recent theme to USA Gymnastics on NBC.) (love this song.)

Bruins are back, back again.

Congratulations to David Allen:

Everyone seemed excited for "Meet the Bruins" day. Here are the QB's being adorable:

In general it seems the QBs loved having the fans out:

It's Jeff Locke's final season:

Nick Ekbatani came out to speak to the team. Inspirational speaker may be his next career.

Rick Neuheisel is still keeping tabs on his former players:

They are ready.

Let's go women's soccer!

Kyle Anderson was retweeting and responding to a lot of questions. Tony Parker apparently had enough of Kyle blowing up his timeline.

We love having you here too. GO BRUINS.