UCLA Basketball In China: Beijing Bruins Meetup Organizing Thread

This Friday (Aug. 24th) , the UCLA Basketball team is hosting a meet-and-greet with Coach Ben Howland (and the team I'm assuming) at the Beijing Guangzhou Hotel. At the moment, me and a couple buddies are planning to head out there to meet the team and also to pick up tickets for the game against TSINGHUA UNIVERSITY the following night (Aug. 25th). Are there any other fellow Bruins out here in Beijing making the trip?? Let's get a group rounded up!

I'll do my best to document the players' conditioning and team-chemistry but I'm pretty sure a lot of this will be too early to be indicative of anything. Not only are we playing with a limited roster but several key players are not likely to play. Nonetheless, I'll see what kinda footage I might be able to gather - if it's allowed. I don't know if there'll be a questioning-answering session, but should there be one, are there any questions on anyone's minds at the moment?

Following this friendly (I hope) exhibition, our Bruins will be making it down to Shanghai to play against SHANGHAI JIAOTONG UNIVERSITY and then the professional CBA SHANGHAI SHARKS. Perhaps some Bruins in Shanghai can then take over documenting the rest of our boys' trip.

Leave your comments / questions below!

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