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Word from Westwood: Dan Guerrero Continues His Clown Show at UCLA

Patroclus just exposed of the crash of UCLA football program under Dan Guerrero. To recap what he blogged below under Chianti UCLA experienced its worst decade in our program's history as one of the worst teams in the Pac-12 conference despite having a history of being one of the two best programs in the conference.

Guerrero's record at UCLA has been a total failure from all accounts. But his record of incompetence is particularly magnified when compared with what is happening across town. Let's take today for example. Here is the press release that just came out of Southern Cal today:

The USC athletic department, one of the nation's most successful and storied collegiate athletic programs, has launched a $300 million fundraising drive called the "Heritage Initiative," USC Charles Griffin Cale Director of Athletics' Chair Pat Haden announced today.

The initiative--the most ambitious in the department's history--will ensure that the university's student-athletes have access to state-of-the-art facilities for honing their athletic skills and continuing to achieve academic success. Funds raised for the Heritage Initiative will support capital projects, annual scholarships for student-athletes, academic support and programming costs, endowments, and recruitment and retention of coaches and staff.

The USC athletic department is approaching the halfway mark in meeting its fundraising goal. The initiative will include the department's 125th anniversary season in 2013-14, and is part of USC's overall $6 billion fundraising campaign, which was announced last fall. The Campaign for the University of Southern California is one of the largest fundraising campaigns in the history of American higher education.

Compare that to this from Chianti in his "Word from Westwood" emailed by the Morgan Center clowns tonight:

Meet the Bruins capped off a great day for the football team, which had just participated in its first practice on the renovated Spaulding Field. The feedback there has been good as well, as Coach Mora and the players, to a man, have given the surface glowing reviews.

So on one hand Trojans are half way through in raising $300 million to turbo charge their athletic initiatives. On the other there is Chianti Dan bragging about his 80 yard turf.

Chianti also added this - while talking up the hoop's team China trip:

[T]he Los Angeles Times will be sending a reporter to follow the team throughout the week. Be sure to check out both sources regularly for the latest on this groundbreaking trip for the university and the Pac-12.

The guy is bragging about the same news outlet where hack writers and columnists routinely launch attacks against Chianti's own athletic program. This comes after Chianti failing to make any arrangement for TV broadcast what the Pac-12 and he himself had been hyping as an historic trip. After keeping UCLA fans in the dark about this trip for weeks all he can do is talk up a news outlet, which has never shown any genuine interest offering substantive information on UCLA sports.

We really wish we were blogging about fun stuff when it comes to Bruin basketball and football. But as you can see - when you have an incompetent, clown in charge you get nothing more than a clown show at UCLA. It's the standard feature of "Word from Westwood" week in and week out.