UCLA Basketball Recruiting: Jealous Much?

Once again some bloggers, this time clowns at CBS, are saying somehow that UCLA's recruiting class is dirty. They are quoting anonymous coaches whose basis is one thing and one thing only, UCLA did well last year in recruiting. UCLA had to cheat is their argument. Here is what the morons at CBS cited as a "quote that stuck" an example of why UCLA is dirty in recruiting Shabazz:

I mean, he turned Kentucky down.

That's right, in this brilliant zero-researched and unsourced survey, UCLA is dirty in recruiting Shabazz because he turned Kentucky down. And this was one of the better quotes in the story, one that "stuck."

As if than a factless anonymous survey is not bad enough, the story goes on to have an "analysis" by Jeff Bozerollo that states:

Shabazz Muhammad, the incoming UCLA freshman who has yet to be cleared by the NCAA to play this fall. Recently, it was reported that he could not travel with the Bruins to China for their preseason trip because he is not yet eligible. A financial advisor admitted to in February that he paid for two of Muhammad's unofficial visits while another financial planner said he helped fund Muhammad's AAU program, the Adidas-sponsored Dream Vision. UCLA, it should be noted, is an Adidas-sponsored school. Lots of coaches (and people in general) have made that connection.

And that's what we know.

Uhm, the unofficial visits were not to UCLA but UNC and Duke. Jeff and CBS is Coach K dirty? Did he cheat? Please report where the visits were to not imply they were to UCLA.

As far as Adidas, well here is the thing. Yes, UCLA is an Adidas school (maybe the only accurate fact in the story). But the issue is not Adidas or UCLA, the issue is that financial planner and another that funded the trip and maybe the planners funding of the AAU team. No allegation has come forth that UCLA or a UCLA supporter had anything to do with funding Shabazz's AAU team.

This article should be a joke. Unfortunately some may take it seriously. Bruins fan should keep this in mind. If the team is real successful this season, detractors are going to imply that success was due to something shady. There is NO evidence UCLA did anything wrong with Shabazz. In the Shabazz matter as of right now UCLA is less shady than Duke, just more successful.

Go Bruins!

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