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UCLA Basketball In China: Tsinghua University Exhibition Open Thread

UCLA Basketball group photo at the Summer Palace, Beijing (<a href="" target="new">via @UCLAMBB</a>)
UCLA Basketball group photo at the Summer Palace, Beijing (via @UCLAMBB)

The Bruins are on the third day of their China trip. After a couple days of sightseeing and mingling with locals and Bruin ex-pats, the team is ready to play the first of three exhibition games. Tonight's (local time) game is being played against Beijing's Tsinghua University.

Tsinghua University has an interesting history, particularly in relation to the United States - having been established for the purpose of preparing students for study at American universities, complete with professors recruited from the states. While that aspect of the university ended with WWII and the Communist Revolution, Tsinghua is rated as one of the mainland's leading universities, and has been opening links with California and UCLA - hosting not only a portion of the basketball team's trip, but also an EAP program.

The game is scheduled to tip off momentarily, and unfortunately is not televised nor available through a legitimate streaming service in the USA. The game is being televised in China, for our Bruin ex-pats unable to make it to the game, or the more resourceful folks elsewhere.