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Spaulding Roundup: Ellis McCarthy's "Triumphant" Return, Rice Depth Chart & Other UCLA Notes

Jim Mora after practice; 8-25-12 (via UCLA)

It's our last Saturday without college football. How awesome is that. No more channel surfing to look for old football games, falling asleep through boring baseball action or having to watch the Barclays Premium League, just to take in something where speed and athleticism prominently factors in the equation (sorry summer sports season exclusively around MLB just sucks).

Anyways, what is different about this Saturday is that it is actually like a Monday of a regular game week, given our season opener is coming up on Thursday night (on CBS Sports Channel). So this was actually like a Monday of game week. The Bruins had a quick practice this morning and there were some news (as always watch Coach Mora's post-practice presser while reading these notes):

Oh and a new updated depth chart was released for the Rice game. There are some interesting notes in there although we need to take all of it with a "grain of salt." Let me get to them after the jump.

Here are the notes that stand out to me from the new tentative offensive and defensive depth charts:

  • Big Joe Fauria is listed second in the depth chart behind Darius Bell at Y (receiver). I am guessing Coach Mora and company may be sending Big Joe a message to step it up this week's practice.
  • Steven Manfro is slotted at the F and right behind him is true freshman Kenneth Walker, who reportedly has had an eye opening fall camp.
  • Jordon James is now listed at the RB spot again - finding himself right behind the Jet Ski. It appears Damien Thigpen with a great camp has moved ahead of former Gatorade POY the Malcolm Jones. Not a bad depth chart when you have Malcolm at the 4 spot (but let's hope he keeps competing).
  • At the QB spot - coaches haven't listed a definitive backup behind Brett Hundley, listing Richard Brehaut, Kevin Prince and Jerry Neuheisel alphabetically. Guess that's a combination of the Video Bomber taking a step forward this year, while the other two seniors having an average camp.
  • Anthony Barr is listed at the ROLB. If this holds into Thursday, it would be a pretty remarkable achievement for someone who just stepped into defensive side this year.
  • Big Ellis McCarthy has returned to the lineup - and he is listed at LDE (which is interesting to me b/c I thought he'd be at NT spot)
  • Damien Holmes has taken the other slot at RILB. I like Holmes a lot but I am still a little wary about his quickness and his ability to shed blocks.
  • As many of us were expecting true freshman Ishmael Adams and Marcus Rios have made the two deep. Notably Fabian Moreau and Randall Goforth have also made the depth chart for Rice game.
  • The Joystick gets the call at punt return ahead of Shaq Evans and Manfro, while Manfro is at the top spot for kickoff return duties.

I will end with this video of Big Ellis after today's practice (thanks again to Melendez):

UCLA DE Ellis McCarthy (via melendezsports)

Would love to hear all of your early thoughts on the depth chart in the comment thread.