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Bruin Bites: Bruins Back in Action, Big Hoops Commit, and Holy Crap! Football Starts This Week!

They're baaaaaack.
They're baaaaaack.

It's Monday afternoon, but it's a Monday afternoon on a very special week: not only are many of our non-revenue sports already back in action, but this past weekend was the last weekend without college football. That's right folks: this Thursday, our Bruins finally hit the field for real as they get the college football season kicked off against Rice. So while it's time to head back to the office, it's also time to get psyched for the return of the Blue and Gold to the gridiron. So, let's wrap up the end of this Monday workday with the round-up of the various bits and pieces of news from around the UCLA-iverse:

Alright folks, those are your Bruin Bites to start the work week with. Fire away with your thoughts, takes, and additions in the comments thread.