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UCLA Football: A Quick Note on Bruins' Series v. Oregon

Foster running over the Ducks as a true freshman at the Rose Bowl. Mandatory Credit: Tom Hauck /Allsport
Foster running over the Ducks as a true freshman at the Rose Bowl. Mandatory Credit: Tom Hauck /Allsport

So earlier today AP did a little oopsie and ran a college football "story" of UCLA beating Oregon in a college football game. The story immediately hit papers coast to coast via the AP wire. The guys at Deadspin had some fun with it (as it was fanposted/fanshotted here and here):

It appears the Associated Press put a story with some sort of dummy text out on the wire by mistake, and because the sites for most newspaper and TV stations automate the stories they get from the AP, that fake story has now been published everywhere. (A Google search on the phrase "Bruins stun Oregon," which is the AP's headline, returned more than 900 results). But don't tell that to anyone associated with the UCLA football program. This is easily their biggest win in years.

Funny, but when it comes to series between UCLA and Oregon the facts are that Bruins lead the series 39-26. Despite going through Bob Toledo, Dorrell and Neuheisel, Bruins still own a 17-13 edge in games played in Eugene. We are still up despite this program tanking and experiencing its worst decade of Guerrero's clownshow.

Yes, we have lost our last four games to the Ducks, including a massacre in Eugene two years ago. But if you remember in Rick Neuheisel first two years, despite having a thoroughly depleted program after the failed Dorrell years, the Bruins played pretty well against the Ducks in Eugene, and then if not for some questionable play calls at the goal line at the Rose Bowl, had a decent chance of winning that match up in 2009.

Just something to keep in mind while LOL at the latest "joke" at the expense of UCLA. Tough times like this are not going to last forever. But when the Bruins get back to where they belong, hope we all act like we have been there before.