Shame On Guerrero & Block for Keep Letting LA Times Attack UCLA

Lot of you have already seen video of Coach Jim Mora's post game presser (via BSR). gbruin linked it in his usually brilliant morning after reflections. What stands out is the not so unpredictable dickish behavior of a well-known hack "columnists" of the Los Angeles Trojan Times. Once again the asshat tried to hijack the conversation by asking stupid questions that had nothing to do with the main football related themes in the game.

Coach Mora handled the hack well but the guy still used his Los Angeles Trojan Times platform to launch attacks against the UCLA coach. None of this should be a shocker to anyone with a Bruin pulse or a grasp of how hostile the LA Times "reporters" and "columnists" have been to the Bruin program.

Yet somehow - our tone-deaf, incompetent and completely clueless athletic director has allowed hacks like you know who to come in and hijack post game pressers and subsequently attack UCLA staff year after years. If UCLA was led by a competent AD this nonsense would have been shut down years ago.

But that's the not the case. Many of you are angry at the Los Angeles Trojan Times columnists who I am not going to name here anymore. But instead of being upset with a hack from the Trojan Times, the focus of your frustration should be our incompetent AD who has no clue on how to protect his coaches and program in the number 2 media market in the country.

Shame on the AD for letting this happen year after year. Shame on the Chancellor for not caring about protecting those four letters.


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