UCLA Football: San Bernardino Fall Camp Open Thread - Session 1

Here we go ladies and gentleman. The first practice of Coach Jim L. Mora's first pre-season late summer camp is about to begin. It all gets started this afternoon in the IE. Bruins begin their prep for our pre-season opener against Rice Owls at the Cal State University San Bernardino campus. Our guys took the 10 (I am assuming they took the 10 (or the 60?)) to San Bernardino yesterday afternoon and checked in to their dorm rooms. LA Bruin posted the video here.

Not much new in the tradmed about today's camp. Couple of quick (and pretty lame) reads:

  • If you are looking for quick vanilla reading on UCLA that really provides you with nothing new, check Chris Foster's (going through the motions) "beat-report" about UCLA opening camp with "questions to answer."
  • Peter Yoon tries to "imagine" how UCLA's season might go. His predictions are lame and is on par with his consistent low expectations and standard for UCLA football. He overestimates Nebraska and predicts a loss in that game, which is kind of absurd given Nebraska has as many questions around it's QB position as do we. Same goes with his predictions re. the Cal game against a team with more serious QB issues than the Bruins. If Bruins put together a pathetic 8-4 season with 3 home losses against Nebraska, Stanford and Southern Cal, it will be very underwhelming and underachieving season for Mora.

While I am putting up this open thread now, Saturday already began a while ago for the team with breakfast that was scheduled for 6:30 a.m., followed by meetings and morning lifts. The team will hit the field for the first time at 2:45 p.m. You can keep checking the practice schedule here.

If you are heading to CSUB [5500 University Parkway, San Bernardino, CA 92407, (b/c we are nice Google mapping it for you here)] you should plan on bringing your own chairs, as there are no bleachers around the practice fields. Parking ($5 daily charge) can be secured at the parking kiosk off the Coyote Drive entrance to the university. Plenty of parking is available in lots (Lot G is closest to field) within a short walk of the practice site located on the east side of the campus.

If anyone is heading out to San Berdoo, please fire away with your thoughts on what you have seen, whether it be a few words while you are at the field or after getting home or to the dorms later this afternoon. For the rest of us, fire away with your thoughts on UCLA football, position battles you're looking at with practice about to start, what you're hoping to see by the end of spring, etc.

Fire away.


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