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UCLA Football: San Bernardino Fall Camp - Day 1 Roundup

It might not be Spaulding Field, and it certainly is not yet Fall, but the Bruins have started up their fall training camp. Saturday was the first day of action in the two weeks that the team will be spending at CSU-San Bernadino, before returning home to a renovated Spaulding for the final days of preparation leading to the August 30th season opener @ Rice.

With this being just the start of organized practices, we really can't take anything from the relative performances or positioning on the depth chart of the players on Saturday. But, for the folks interested, IE Angel shared a few observations in the practice open thread. Brief summary: The defense had the upper hand; Barr, Zumwalt and XSF look noticeably better than they did in the spring; and Brehaut/Hundley looked every bit the frontrunners. Miguel Melendez, writing for the Daily News, noted a couple of skirmishes during the 2.5 hours the team was on the field.

There were - of course - injuries to report. Per Melendez, these were the guys held out of yesterday's main activities.

Lineman Colby Cyburt (back), fullback Luke Gane (hernia), receiver Ricky Marvay (back), Ellis McCarthy (knee), Ryan Medina (shoulder), safety Dylan Price (abdominal), Chris Ward (back), tackle Torian White (chest pains), receiver Shaquelle Evans (hyperventilation) and receiver Kenny Walker (fracture).

McCarthy is recovering from arthoscopic surgery on his knee, and will miss out on the first couple weeks of camp, but was participating in some non-contact drills. Torian White will be out until he can be examined by doctors, while Walker injured his pinkie finger. Sadly, John Young is done for the season after tearing his patellar tendon last week.

The major news coming from Saturday is that Jeremy Castro is having some issues with the NCAA's Clearinghouse - which deals with transcripts/academic issues for incoming student-athletes. Jeremy has not yet been declared eligible by the NCAA, and will not be able to participate in camp until his clearance comes through.

After practice, Coach Mora talked to the media, while Melendez talked with Patrick Larimore about his initial impressions of CSUSB and a couple thoughts on the new D scheme. The Bruins will be back on the field at CSU-SB this afternoon at 2:45pm; the full schedule for the San Bernardino portion of fall camp is posted on the official site.