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Dan Guerrero’s Athletic Dept. Allows the Los Angeles Times to Keep Smearing UCLA

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The troll from the Los Angeles Times has launched another baseless and pointless attack on UCLA. This time he teed off on a comment made by Jim Mora:

UCLA head coach Jim Mora recently talking on a radio show said he tries to tell parents how safe it is at UCLA, by saying "We don’t have murders a block from our campus."

Chris Foster of course didn’t waste any time to make a big deal out of this comment and immediately went on to write an "article" to cover his "beat" duties":

"I just said our campus is safe," Mora said to the Los Angeles Times. "I didn’t say anything about anyone else’s campus. I just said it about our campus. I didn’t mention another campus. We don’t have anybody getting murdered a block off of our campus. If anybody, whether USC or Cal State San Bernardino, is offended by the statement, then that’s their insecurity, not mine."


"I really don’t care. I don’t concern myself with them or anybody else right now. It’s all about our people," Mora said. "I don’t spend the day thinking [about] what USC thinks. Just like they don’t spend the day thinking what we think. My concern has to be on this football team."

Other trolls in town are jumping on this which is basically a nonstory. The only misstep Mora made here was not calling "USC" Southern Cal. Otherwise there is not much to what he said. There isn’t a lot of debate of security related issues around Southern Cal.

The bigger issue here is why does a hack like Chris Foster continue to get a press credential to cover UCLA sports program?

There is not much substance to Foster's "reporting," except for petty shots and cut and paste jobs of injury reports. He doesn’t care much about informing the fans about the details of our program or provide big picture analysis based on actual facts. The only agenda this guy – who seems to be an extremely bitter man who hates every facet of his job – is to belittle the program at the expense of UCLA brand.

If Dan Guerrero and his officials at the UCLA athletic department cared about the brand value of those four letters, they’d give an ultimatum to the LA Times long time ago. They’d make sure that LAT actually sent professionals to cover what has been historically one of two best programs in the conference.

We understand that it’s Guerrero, Gene Block and UCLA officials who are responsible for how the Bruins have fallen off the map. But the way they have allowed the biggest paper in town to launch baseless attacks on the Bruins over the years certainly haven’t helped in terms. Nestor mentioned earlier this morning how competent leadership can make a huge difference. If we had such competence at the top of UCLA athletics leadership, hacks like Foster would have been booted off the beat long time ago, and we wouldn’t have to put up crap like this.