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Cheat On! USC Athletes Involved In Another Pay For Play Scandal

Joe McKnight's job with the Jets doesn't appear to be his first paid gig.
Joe McKnight's job with the Jets doesn't appear to be his first paid gig.

This is the stuff "repeat offenders" are made of. Scott Schenter, of "United States China" marketing fame, is caught up in a corruption scandal, and his work emails reveal his involvement with Joe McSUV, and Davon Didn't Get Drafted Jefferson:

A key figure in the ongoing corruption scandal at the Los Angeles County assessor's office said he gave cash and perks worth thousands of dollars to two USC athletes while they were still in school, actions that could violate college sports rules.

The allegations are contained among hundreds of Scott Schenter's county work emails that suggest the former appraiser provided football star Joe McKnight with a car and an airline ticket, and basketball player Davon Jefferson with about $3,700 in cash.

The investigation also suggests that Schenter is just a patsy, and that the "Trogan Mafia" is still finding ways to funnel money and other benefits to their mercenary semi-pro team:

It's unclear why Schenter would help the two athletes, or where the $80,000 per year property appraiser would have obtained the money. But in the emails, Schenter says he was trying to start several private business ventures and hoped Jefferson and McKnight would help him market them. His connection, if any, to USC is also unclear. He describes himself in the emails as a fan of the University of Washington, a Pac 12 rival to USC.

What remains to be seen is if the NCAA will have the balls to actually investigate this, and not simply trust in the Trogans' so-called self investigation. They've burned through immense political capital in smacking down Penn State and the Trogans the first time, even if those penalties were justified, and in the Trogans' case, light.