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UCLA-Nebraska: More YouTube Goodness & Keeping the #Franklin4Heisman Buzz Going

Alright let's have one more go around with highlights from the Nebraska game before we start shifting over to thinking about Hoston. Let's start with who else - highlight package of Heisman candidate Johnathan Frankin:

#Franklin4Heisman (Johnathan Franklin, UCLA) (via LaFemmeBruin)

Remember there are few simple things you can do to keep the Franklin for Heisman buzz going:

If you are blogging here promoting Franklin for Heisman, make sure to tag your post, fanshots with "Franklin for Heisman."

More YouTube goodness after the jump

Jordan Zumwalt's hit reminding those of us from the 80s and 90s about Matt Darbey's legendary hit against the Huskers in 1988:

Jordan Zumwalt UCLA 9 8 2012 Nebraska (via CoronaRay1)

Anthony Barr's monster game:

Anthony Barr Being A Monster Against Nebraska (via puntingiswinning)

And I will with end with some cool video shots of the Celebration of JetSki's game winning TD in the Rose Bowl stands:

Defining touchdown for UCLA against Nebraska. (via usedjeans)

Enjoy and thanks to the Bruins above for putting together these videos.