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Spaulding Roundup - Houston Throws The Ball! And More Eddie Printz Notes

Getting ready for another Saturday night at the Rose Bowl. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE
Getting ready for another Saturday night at the Rose Bowl. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Thursday is upon us. And with that news, the Bruins find themselves in the second half of their game prep for the Houston Cougars' Saturday night visit to the Rose Bowl. In case you didn't know. Houston likes to throw the ball. A lot.

As he first noted in Tuesday's presser, Coach Mora told the media that Houston's style of offensive play is similar to the Bruins' offense, at least in terms of tempo. Peter Yoon wrote a post looking at their prolific offensive performance to date and the UCLA D's plan to counter. In the story, Dalton Hilliard and Sheldon Price talk about the defensive struggles in last year's loss to the Cougars, with the unusual tempo and lack of communication cited as two of the main factors.

Kevin Prince has fallen down the depth chart quite a bit since the start of last season, but it sounds like that he is keeping his head in the game, staying positive and staying ready despite sitting 3rd in the pecking order at QB. In the presser, Coach Mora talked about how impressed he is with Kevin's character given his senior-year demotion.

The big news coming out of Wednesday was the parting of ways between UCLA and the formerly-verbally committed Georgia QB Eddie Printz. There has already been quite a bit of discussion on BN since the news broke yesterday afternoon.

Aside from the fact that events moved quickly - earlier this week, Printz was tweeting congrats to Eddie Lacy upon his UCLA commitment - there is not much definitive evidence to figure out the true story.

As was noted in last night's fanshot that broke the news to BN, the recruiting writer for the AJC posted a story titled: "UCLA withdraws scholarship offer to longtime QB commit Eddie Printz". It is a long blog post with plenty of punches aimed at UCLA, but with one problem. Nowhere in the post does the writer or any of his sources - including Printz's dad - back up the story's claim that Eddie had his scholarship offer yanked. The money quote from the piece, as reprinted below, just doesn't go that far.

... [Coach Klemm] said ‘If Eddie was my son, I’d go ahead and start looking around,’" the elder Printz said. "He was nice about it, I guess.

I do not doubt that the coaching staff might have cooled on Printz in the past few weeks or months - as N noted last night, Coach Mazzone has scouted at least one local elite QB recently. And it sucks to hear that the coaches that have been high on you are now looking at other, better players. But the practice of college coaches 'suggesting' that players take a look at other schools is far from new, nor is it a unique practice. The suggestion is a wise one to follow, as it is a signal that 'if you come here, you are probably not going to be playing a key role', but it does not mean that his scholarship offer was withdrawn.

The recruiting process sure isn't a pretty one, but there is a process to it all the same. And given that NCAA rules prohibit coaches from commenting on recruits unless/until they sign an LOI with their school, we will never get the definitive account from the UCLA side on this, and likely not much other clarity outside of paywalled sources. No matter how this went down, I think we can all agree to wish Eddie the best of luck in the remainder of his recruiting process, and in any of his future endeavors.

In other Bruin news, Bill Plaschke interviewed Brett Hundley earlier this week, producing an article discussing Brett's faith as well as the maturation - and the preconceptions - of a young African-American quarterback.

SBN's Bill Connelly writes a weekly Heisman Horse Race story for the main SBN College page. This week's column includes not one, but two Bruins in his Heisman top-ten.

3. Johnathan Franklin, UCLA

In Week 1, Franklin rushed for 214 yards, but it was against Rice, so he just missed out on top 10 inclusion. So he rushed for 217 yards against Nebraska the next week. He also caught three of three passes for 59 yards and a touchdown. That's 29 touches for 276 yards in an enormous UCLA win. It feels odd not putting him No. 1 -- the top three names here were virtually even.

The idea of JetSki being a legitimate Heisman candidate has become well accepted in the past few days, but he was joined in Bill's list by Brett Hundley in the #8 spot. Click through to the article to see who Brett is sitting above (and who is not part of that ranking at all).

They will both have their next opportunity to lead the Bruin resurgence and advance their candidacies on Saturday night at the Rose Bowl.