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Bruin Bites: Hotel Goes Forward, Mazzone Profile, History Dept. Scores $10 Mil., Non-Revenue Roundup

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It's Monday morning, and it's an uneasy feeling: the Bruins picked up a win, by an impressive (on paper) score of 37-6. The defense stepped up to shut down the Houston offense, which prior to Saturday, had averaged 31 points and over 500 yards of total offense in two straight losses. On the other hand, the offensive execution was sloppy (to put it mildly) and one walked away with the feeling the Bruins dramatically underperformed, with UCLA committing 5 turnovers (two interceptions and three fumbles lost). On the other hand, this was the classic let-down game, where in years past, the Bruins have followed big wins with disappointing choke-jobs. So, while the Bruins did have a let-down, by the lofty standards they set for themselves following their victory over Nebraska, it still resulted in a 31-point beat-down of a team that gave the Bruins fits on their last trip to the Rose Bowl.

While it's still too early to see if Mora really has changed the culture of the UCLA football program (we'll see how we fare against tougher Pac-12 competition), all signs point to a turn-around in Westwood. For the first time since the decade of mediocrity under Chianti Dan began, Bruin fans have reason for optimism, and boy, does it feel good.

So, with that said, let's get to the bits and pieces of news floating around the UCLA-iverse at the beginning of this work week that finds the UCLA Bruins as the only undefeated Division I-A football program left standing in Los Angeles. Sounds pretty sweet, right? Here's the Bruin Bites for this Monday morning:

Alright folks, those are your Bruin Bites to start the work week with. Fire away with your thoughts, takes, and additions in the comments thread.