Uni Watch on UCLA's New Football Uniforms: Not Recognizable

Building on tasser10's thoughts about College Colors Day and UCLA's complete and total failure and developing a coherent and consistent marketing and branding plan, let's take note that the good folks at Uni Watch chimed in about UCLA's new uniform that debuted against Rice this past Thursday.

First, let me start with a simple solution to UCLA: pick a shade of blue. Whether it's "powder blue" or "true blue" or something other than navy blue, just pick one shade of blue. Stick with it. Using every conceivable shade of blue on various products (t-shirts, jackets, jerseys, coffee mugs, etc.) not only ruins brand identity (i.e. whenever you see burnt orange, you think of the Texas Longhorns, the same for Carolina blue and the Tar Heels) but it looks terrible.

Now, let's see what non-UCLA people had to say. Bear in mind that these people are hardcore uniform people. Aesthetics matter to them. I mean, they have an entire freaking website dedicated to blogging about uniforms. And the verdict:

Rice… *sigh*. It’s sad to see such a wonderful uniform be sullied by the TechFit bug (although I dig the mural-shirts). Speaking of, UCLA (the Owls’ opponents) continues to wear TechFit this year, which means more UCLA Stripes Nubs. But other changes include: The navy blue outline from last two years is gone from this year’s white set. My response to that? Another thing about the numbers is they look to have to a slightly-rounded look to them. Not bad, actually. And this may be the result of a bad memory (or an old T.V.), but it looks like that the Bruins’ pants are slightly darker this year compared to last year’s beige pants. A lateral push overall, but I just don’t recognize the Bruins all that well these days.

Lateral push? So, in Uni Watch's eyes, we didn't get worse, but we didn't get better. And it's not like these uniforms are very good to begin with (which we've noted in painstaking detail). Which means, as Uni Watch pointed out when we abandoned true UCLA stripes and adopted the Adidas TechFit bulls**t uniform two years ago, we still find ourselves at:

Unbelievable Crappy-Looking Attire

Just wonderful.

Moving along though, the bigger point is that uniform-junkies are finding it more difficult to recognize UCLA, to pick out our Blue and Gold Bruins, famous for our very unique colors. Slowly, but surely, Chianti Dan and his band of incompetent boobs are eroding brand identity for UCLA.

Why am I not surprised that this kind of garbage is a regular occurrence under Gene Block and Chianti Dan's "leadership" at UCLA?

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