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UCLA Basketball Player Kyle Anderson is Expected to Be Cleared

Reports surfacing that Kyle Anderson may be cleared by the NCAA.

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

According to multiple outlets begining with this story:

UCLA freshman guard Kyle Anderson is expected to be cleared by the NCAA to play this season, a source with direct knowledge of the case told Thursday.

"The UCLA compliance office is confident that he will be cleared before practice starts Oct. 12," the source said.

The NCAA looked into the recruitment of the 6-foot-9 point guard in early August, the source said.

Anderson, a McDonald's All-American out of St. Anthony, was cleared for UCLA's China trip late last month, and he posted two double-doubles in three games there.

While the original source, Zags Blog, has been pro-UCLA this is a nice birthday president for UCLA and Kyle. (Today is Kyle's birthday.) Of course I now expect a story from CBS saying that the Wear twins are now under investigation. CBS's John "I hate UCLA" Goodman counters the following way:

It's almost always "cleared for now." If more info comes their way, they can alter ruling.

The CBS reaction actually makes me feel more confident. If that is the best they can come up with, it is a good sign that Kyle will be okay.

What makes this more interesting is the recent heat that Duke and North Carolina have had scandals that have some substance to them. While, it looks right now, as if UCLA did nothing wrong in their recruiting or basketball team NCAA wise.

And speaking of NC and Duke, no, we do not know anymore about Shabazz in regards to his possible illegal recruiting trip to NC and Duke.

Also since this is not from UCLA or the NCAA directly there is some reason to temper our excitement. So Happy Birthday Kyle. May the NCAA ever rule in your favor.

Go Bruins.