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Friday Night Lights: NCAA Football - UCLA Soccer And Volleyball Open Thread

It is past 5pm on the West Coast, meaning that for most of us the weekend is here! And what better way to start things off than with some college football and televised UCLA sports. There is just one D-1 football game tonight, but it should be a solid game: Coming off of their win at Arkansas and overtime loss at Auburn, Louisana-Monroe has returned home to face Baylor in their home opener. With RGIII in the NFL, Baylor's star power is gone, but the team has started out 2-0. The game is in progress, being shown on ESPN and available to stream via ESPN360.

If you would rather pump up your Bruin spirit before tomorrow afternoon's game, you are in luck. There are a pair of UCLA games airing live tonight. As CarlosBocanegraFanClub posted earlier today, the UCLA Men's Soccer team is playing at 3rd ranked UCSB tonight at 6pm. The game is being aired nationally on the Fox Soccer Channel. And at 8pm Pacific, our Women's Volleyball team will be playing Oregon State at the Wooden Center, with the game being shown nationally on the Pac-12 Networks.

For folks that do not get the Soccer channel and/or Pac-12 Networks, links to the official site's gametrackers follow: Soccer @ UCSB Live Stats - Volleyball v. Oregon State gametracker. If you have DirectTV, call them up and demand that they add the Pac-12 Networks.

This is your open thread for all of tonight's action; Bruin, Beaver or otherwise.