Rooter bus fail

Hey, Donut Dan

If you care about students so much, maybe you should hire better rooter bus drivers. You know why? Thanks to your incompetence, our driver had no idea how to navigate the mess at Sunset and the 405. We had a lovely tour of Brentwood mansions for the price of our ticket. Perhaps you might consider giving us refunds considering me and some other students were telling the bus driver where to go. Hey, if we're lucky and the freeway traffic is light, we might make it to the game before kickoff! But of course, all that time we spent waiting in line on Bruinwalk to go early and get good seats was wasted. Maybe we'll sit in the "slip-n-slide" section instead, because completely hosing over your students seems to be pretty par for the course during your tenure. Thanks Dan! And go Bruins!

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