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Bruin Bites: RG Head Injuries, Lou Spanos' Horse, Carmageddon II, Non-Revenue Roundup

News and notes from UCLA-iverse.

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

It's Monday morning, and we're once again experiencing the all-too-familiar feeling of frustrating disappointment following a loss to a team that, by all accounts, the Bruins should have beat. Mike Riley and his Beavers came to the Rose Bowl and went to work, out-playing, out-hustling, out-executing, and out-coaching Jim Mora and our hapless Bruins. Despite the Bruins playing no where close to the high standard they set out against Rice and Nebraska, UCLA still only lost by one touchdown. Whether that is a testament to Oregon State's ineptitude or UCLA's improvement (in years past, one feels like this would have been a terrible blow-out by the Beavers) remains to be seen as we get further into the first year of the Jim Mora era.

So, with that said, let's get to the bits and pieces of news floating around the UCLA-iverse at the beginning of this work week that finds the UCLA Bruins licking their wounds following their humbling loss to Oregon State. Here's the Bruin Bites for this Monday morning:

Alright folks, those are your Bruin Bites to start the work week with. Fire away with your thoughts, takes, and additions in the comments thread.