Stars and Stripes FC Launches, For Everything U.S. Soccer

Do you like America? If so, you'll probably really enjoy Stars and Stripes FC, SB Nation's newest blog dedicated to U.S. soccer, from the men's and women's team all the way down to the youth levels. It will pretty much be the best thing ever and I'm only really biased because I am the blog manager, no doubt ready to be propped up by a tremendous team of writers.

We'll have everything on the men as they chase that elusive World Cup trophy and we'll settle for a few more wins over Mexico and a return to regional dominance in the meantime. But while the men continue to toil away, the American women just keep racking up gold medals and we'll have everything on our fine ladies here too. And then there are the youth teams, Americans abroad, Americans in MLS, the continued evolution of the U.S.S.F. and Brek Shea's hair, which is probably more important than all of the aforementioned things.

With our great coverage of the women's team, we'll have word on Lauren Cheney, Sydney Leroux and the rest of our Bruins who now wear the red, white and blue so I'll be sure to post over here when that goes up. Bruins also litter the men's team, including our very own captain, so you'll be sure to get your Bruin fix as well as all of your U.S. coverage over there. It's a project that has been in the works for a while and we're really excited about it

So please, head on over and say hello, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. I would love for SSFC to have the same wonderful community that we have here at BN so don't be shy.

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