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Thursday Football Open Thread - Malcolm Jones Transferring

Farewell, Malcolm.
Farewell, Malcolm.

Well, tonight's Big East matchup between Cincinatti and Pitt is in progress, but better late than never.

The Panthers are following up on last Saturday's loss to Youngstown State with a trip to Cincinnati, where after allowing a quick two touchdowns, they find themselves down 17-0 to the Bearcats. The game is being televised on ESPN and can be streamed through ESPN360 (formerly ESPN3).

In today's big news for the Bruins, Malcolm Jones has decided to transfer away from UCLA. (HT - Bruin1396) Remembering back to the day that Malcolm committed to the Bruins - and the day that he was named Gatorade's high school athlete of the year - and thinking how great it was going to be to see him running out of our backfield. For whatever reasons, things haven't worked out for him here. With his position on the depth chart, I can't say that I am shocked to have heard the news, but still unfortunate that he could not break through in Coach Mora's new regime, Best of luck to Malcolm, wherever he ends up.

This is your open thread for tonight's action, and for talk of Malcolm's departure - who is going to get his (limited) touches, where he might end up...