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Friday Night Lights: NCAA Football | UCLA Soccer Open Thread

<em>CLEAR EYES ...</em> (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)
CLEAR EYES ... (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Well the weekend is here. It's been a fun week getting ready for Coach Jim Mora's first game against the Huskers' at the Rose Bowl. One of my favorite part of marquee OOC games is getting to interact with a fan-base you don't get to engage on a regular basis. Always cool to go back and forth with classy fans from Corn Nation. Should be interesting how it turns out tomorrow. I have a good feeling.

As for tonight the football action is light. There is a matchup between Utah and Utah State in Logan, Utah which could be interesting. That game is on ESPN2 and it is underway.

On the Bruin front the men's soccer team is in action right now against Tulsa on Pac-12's LA channel. That match started around 4:30 pm PST. Meanwhile, UCLA's women's soccer is also going to be on the Pac-12 Los Angeles channel tonight when they take on LMU on campus around 7 pm PST. If you are watching the games - keep us updated in the thread here. Consider this your open thread to share whatever quick fire thoughts are on your mind the night before game day.

Oh and why not:

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts... (via donnieblog)