Fox Sports Talking Heads Diss Guerrerror and Facilities

Erin Andrews, Eddie George, and Joey Harrington doing the pre game. They launch into an extended criticism of UCLA's facilities. Joey says UCLA needs to invest in facilities in order to keep up with the Oregons and USCs of the world, and he acknowledges the history and the great players that UCLA has had in the past. Eddie disses the 80-yard practice field. Erin mentions the new USC facilities and says that UCLA is falling further behind in comparison.

Glad to see Joey acknowledging UCLA's history and indicating that there's no reason the good times can't return (as long as we make the proper investments). I was in school in the 90's and all I know is beating U$C year-in, year-out.

Now they never mentioned our AD by name, but we all know who they were talking about.

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