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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse

A recap of UCLA related tweets over the past week.


News of the week!!!

#BarrSoHard returns to the Rose Bowl next season. Pac-12 QBs, beware.

Other football news:

Happy retirement, Dr. Finerman:

Post Holiday Bowl emotions:

Even after the Holiday Bowl meltdown, Caleb Benenoch reaffirmed he's a Bruin:

Help out our recruits get some followers:

Congratulations to Chris Kluwe and the Minnesota Vikings for making it to the Playoffs (and beating the Packers so that the Niners have the 2 seed.)

Congrats to Kai Forbath and the Washington Redskins:

Also in case you haven't heard, Justin Medlock is being brought in for a tryout with the Niners this week.

Gymnastics starts soon!

Happy Birthday Justin Combs. I guess it's hard to be embarrassed when your dad is Diddy.

Or if your father is Bill Walton.