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Ready For A Shootout: Oregon St. @ UCLA Gamethread

Take the over. Points. Minutes for Tony Parker. Craig Robinson's brother-in-law mentions. Whatever it is, take the over.


Tonight at Old Pauley Under Glass, offense lovers should be in for a treat. On one side, we have a team that has been hot offensively and is defensively challenged, and on the other side there's, well, the exact same thing.

The difference is that the Bruins sit at 4-0 in the PAthetiC-12 while the Beavers have yet to crack the win column in conference. It's difficult to imagine Oregon State picking up their first W in this game with their suspensions and injuries depleting their frontcourt, as we mentioned in our preview. Teams that hope to beat UCLA now have to exploit our soft, gooey, Wear interior and the Beavers are ill equipped to take advantage.

That's all to say that even this UCLA team shouldn't have trouble with coughing up another late lead tonight. Come by to honor Bruin great Jamaal Wilkes and stay for the track meet.