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Dalton Hilliard "Knew" But "Never Met" Te'o's Fake Girlfriend

The bizarre Manti Te'o's fake girl friend fiasco has a UCLA angle to it.

Andrew Fielding-US PRESSWIRE

So many layers to this crazy, bizarre story. Wanted to make sure folks took note of this obvious UCLA angle to it (via CNN's Pete Thamel):

Before I went to campus, I had conducted lengthy interviews with Brian Te'o, Manti's dad, and Dalton Hilliard, a close friend from Punahou High in Honolulu who played at UCLA. Both said they were in frequent communication with Kekua; Brian Te'o told me he had received a condolence text from her after his mother died. They also spoke on the phone at length, as he did with Lennay's brothers after her "death." Hilliard said he received frequent texts and tweets from her.

"She was a very supportive, loving passionate individual," Hillard said. "She was all about God and prayer and being able to have faith. Me and her never met in person. But I felt like this was a testament to who she was. She would still text and tweet me before my games."

He added, "It was a pleasure for me to know her. The fact she made my best friend such a happy man, it's something that made me a happy man as well."

Oy Vez.