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Must Win: Oregon @ UCLA Gamethread

An elite team holds serve at home against a crappy conference slate. This is a must win.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On one hand, the Oregon Ducks are a tough team to figure out. Is this the team that beat the only "elite" (and probably also overrated) team in the PAthetiC-12 in Arizona? Or is this the team that struggled to put away a coachless Trogan team for a 2 point win on Thursday night? On the other hand, it really doesn't matter, because in this conference (sixth best in the country by RPI), a team that performs at the level we expect from it wins their home games.

The Ducks are riding a six game winning streak since their loss to UTEP while the Bruins come in winners of their last ten. Obviously something has to give here. With the trip to Arizona looming large in the background, UCLA can't afford to lay an egg here. We would also prefer a strong finish for once as well.