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Open Thread: Something for UCLA Coaches to Think About: The "Pistol" Works Pretty Well

Open thread celebrating another epic win by the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game with quick thoughts from the perspective of a Bruin/Niners fan.

Brett Hundley can also do this ...
Brett Hundley can also do this ...

Well - for the sake of karma (especially for thousands of Bruin alums and students who also happen to be Niners fans) - going to put up open thread to follow another exhilarating win for the San Francisco 49ers.

Going to leave all the micro and macro analysis to our colleagues at NinersNation. However, here is the UCLA angle to take in after today's game. After last game we talked about what if someone like Ben was leading the 49ers, we'd be most likely looking at a first round exit with Travis Wear Alex Smith still leading the team.

Here is thought for this evening. This is for all the haters of pistol formation (note I used the word formation not type of offense). There is nothing wrong with the pistol formation, if it is properly coached and implemented by a competent coaching staff in a way that best fits in talent in the team. Coach Jim Harbaugh and his staff (a staff that came out of the school basic pro-set WCO mindset from Stanford) have put on a clinic on how it's done.

Rick Neuheisel and his staff never figured it out. But I'd love to see the pistol formation used every now and then by Mazzone strategically leveraging the speed and agility of Brett Hundley. Hundley may not be as fast as Colin Kaepernick, but he is fast enough for UCLA coaches to try it out every now and then.

If you have any quick thoughts on any NFL related stuff - especially anything w UCLA angle to it - this is an open thread. You can also use it to sound off on the next game featuring a coach who was on the "short list" to take over for Karl Dorrell (oy).

Fire away with your quick thoughts.