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Bruin Bites: Arizona Gameday Edition

News and notes from UCLA sports related items to start this hoops gameday against Arizona.

Shabazz wants to beat Arizona quite badly...
Shabazz wants to beat Arizona quite badly...
Douglas C. Pizac-USA Today Sport

We interrupt your amazing feel-good recruiting day to remind you that Ben Howland's dumpster fire basketball program will grace you with a game today. UCLA will get to play the other team that lost to Oregon when they travel to Tucson to take on the Arizona Wildcats. You can check out DCBruin's preview here for all the good analysis on the game which won't matter when Ben LOLand calls a timeout after a Powell dunk or a Parker block only to sit them back on the bench for being naughty. It's a new world order when we look forward to football signing day to make us forget about basketball at UCLA. So we truly hope that the hoops clown show will end soon and that order will be restored to the galaxy when we bring in a coach who, for one, won't be treated like a pariah by California recruits. I still truly want our boys to win this game, they deserve the good feelings, but as has been the case thanks to Chianti Dan's pathetic mismanagement of this program, I will feel indifferent if we lose. I can't wait until they get a Forbath kick in the ass out of UCLA.

  • Starting off with our youth movement, it seems both Kyle Anderson and Jordan Adams were stricken with a stomach virus this week and missed some practice time. In case you didn't know, there is in fact a global epidemic of stomach virus going around, and it made the rounds at my house starting New Year's Eve. Anyway, there's a bit of comedy gold in that article as Shabazz thinks the ailment was due to some "bad lettuce". Funny, but I don't need a virus to feel nauseous about UCLA Basketball's future.
  • Continuing with the Shabazz quotes, he also sees the urgency of this game.

"We have to win this game, especially after losing to Oregon."

Bazz, brother, you have to win this game because you're UCLA and the conference stinks.

"I'm taking it upon myself to win this game."

Well that's valiant it shouldn't be just up to you...but if you want to blow up tonight, be my guest!

"It's an effort thing," Muhammad said about the Bruins' troubles on the board.

It's actually a personnel thing, but you're being diplomatic, that's cool.

I think Ben Howland just wet himself.

  • Always at the forefront of health and technology, a pilot study at UCLA performed brain scans on former NFL players and revealed images of the protein that causes football-related brain damage. This is the first time that signs of the disease (CTE, or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) have been identified in living players. This is a huge step in attempting to treat the crippling disease. I am sure that football recruits are taking notes, that while UCLA is looking after the welfare of players, Hello Kiffin is happy to send them out on the field with a concussion or to shoot them up with painkillers before a game.
  • Staying with football, CBS Sports has a quick discussion on UCLA's NFL Draft prospects. I have a feeling we are going to have some much nicer draft days than in the recent past. After all, UCLA is one of the top schools with alums in the NFL. You can bet that Sal Alosi is getting the boys ready for good showings at the combine, as was evidenced by the impression Datone Jones has made so far.
  • Over in our Olympic sports, our young men's volleyball team fell in 4 sets at Stanford on Tuesday. The next game is against Pacific, before the big rematch against Irvine on January 29. New coach John Speraw is doing a great job putting his stamp on the team and a win against Irvine would be a great notch on the belt for him.

That's your bites for the day. Do try to enjoy the game tonight...but do try to remember that no matter what, the current regime is not the long term solution.