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Bruins Shining in the 2013 Senior Bowl: Notes and Open Thread

Bruins like Johnathan Franklin and Datone Jones are having a great week of practice infront of NFL coaches leading up to the 2013 Senior Bowl.

Jet Ski representing the four letters.
Jet Ski representing the four letters.
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Tomorrow three Bruins -Johnathan Franklin, Datone Jones and Jeff Locke - are going to be action at the Senior Bowl. The game is being played in Mobile, Alabama where JetSki, Datone and Locke have been practicing this week.

Few of you have been sharing relevant notes in the fanshots (thank you bruinfollower and LongTimeBru). Thought I share some of the highlights and then you all can use this as an open thread when then the game is on tomorrow.

Jet Ski has had a great week separating himself from the "North" pack. From

MOBILE, Ala. -- After two practices it appears UCLA's Johnathan Franklin has a leg-up on Oregon's Kenjon Barner and Fresno State's Robbie Rouse for the top rusher on the North team. That was helped in big part by a solid showing in pass protection drills Tuesday.

Aside from Harvard fullback Kyle Justzczyk, who blew up defenders, Franklin showed consistent blocking abilities, which will go a long way in helping him get noticed by NFL clubs. He already has a good reputation as a rusher.

"He does a really nice job of using his hands and his feet to block," a team scout told "He's got good speed and is just big enough to handle pass protection. We've had our eyes on him for some time."

Datone isn't doing shabby either as National Football Post (site frequented by NFL industry insiders) identified as one of 10 players who had a great week:

4. Datone Jones, DE, UCLA (6041, 280 and 4.75 E): Throughout the 2012 season we were impressed with Jones ability to make impact plays for UCLA regardless of where he lined up. However, we kept hearing from scouts that he had an inconsistent motor and did not make as many plays as he was capable of. After this week in Mobile, we are further convinced of Jones high talent level and good competitiveness as he not only competed hard, but when he was defeated on one play it was clear he took it personally and attacked the next few snaps with great passion and aggressiveness. Most impressive this week was the first step quickness and edge pass rush skills that Jones displayed as few 280 pound defensive ends are more than power rushers. For a player rumored to be a third or fourth round prospect when the Senior Bowl began, I am confident that after he showed the ability to defeat Eric Fisher a number of times he will be a second round pick.

Good for Datone. You can check out more on the Senior Bowl week festivities here and here. Here is also an SBN video discussing Datone as one of the players having a solid week:

SBNation has a special section on Senior Bowl which is also worth tracking. If you are watching the game, share your impressions in this thread. As always - we welcome you to post extended reflections in our fanpost section.