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The Howlers of Westwood

A glimpse into the madness of the blind Howler supporters

For you North Campus majors, that's a howler monkey...
For you North Campus majors, that's a howler monkey...

With apologies to Warren Zevon:

Ya hear'em howlin' around the internets

Ya better not let them in

UCLA Hoops future gettin' mutilated

Howlers of Westwood again

Aaahoo! Howlers of Westwood


Aaahoo! Howlers of Westwood


Ah, here we go again. So Ben Howland's team wins another game. It was a big game, in a hostile environment, against a top 10 opponent. But guess what: it's still a game they were supposed to win, not only because we have the better players, but because Arizona is an overrated team with an overhyped coach. It is only because UCLA has so far performed well below expectations that this seems like a big deal. It's not, but of course you wouldn't know that from listening to the Howlers.

Who are the Howlers? They think they are true UCLA fans. They think you are not a true fan if you criticize UCLA. They think they know basketball better than you. They want to enjoy their entertainment and that you have no place being a buzzkill about it. And most of all, they pledge blind loyalty to Ben Howland over UCLA Basketball.

So take a couple of Alka Seltzers, grab that bottle of Pepto, and get a taste of exactly how the Howlers think, at least those on our facebook "fan" page:

Always a begrudging, backhanded dig at UCLA even after their best road win in years.

Ding ding ding ding! The key words there? "Best road win in years". That's how bad UCLA has been the last 5 years. Oh and never mind that the dig is not at UCLA, but at Howland. Let me make it clear for the simple folk: Howland =/= UCLA.

Great job by Ben Howland getting these freshmen to play under control and to play great defense. They are a different team than they were early in the year. Probably his best coaching job! He's here to stay!

Great defense guys! You only allowed 74 points! You're a much different team than the one that lost to Cal Poly at home. Oh wait, we were supposed to forget that one? Ok! Howland won a game! He's here to stay forever and ever and be my BFF and OMG I just love him so much I wanna make a teddy bear out of him and squeeze him till hair grows back on his head!

Check Howland's record at Pitt and UCLA (3 final fours). If we did fire him, we would have to hire a coach just like him. His problem is his own school's fans are tearing him down and making him look bad.

Ok let's check Howland's record at UCLA: 2 losing seasons, 3 final fours 2006-2008, then 2 tournament appearances since then with only two wins. Shame on me for making Howland "look bad", he's not doing that himself! And please...if we hire a coach just like him...oh forget it.

I think Howland can flat out coach. Where he is having trouble is managing these 18/19 year old superstar head cases. Josh Smith is out because he refused to take of himself. Nelson, because he was just trouble. When the players stick with his program, they end up in the NBA. They then bitch about Howland. But, it all kinda worked out for you if you are bitching from the NBA. I hope we keep winning and Howland stay. I don't want the program to be driven by the entitled kids.

Howland should get a break for only being able to do half the job he's getting paid millions to do. Man, if Josh Smith and Reeves Nelson are our "superstars", I'll be the one becoming a head case! All you Mosers, Stanbacks, Carlinos, Lambs...who are you to feel entitled to good coaching? Shame on you!

Bill Walton needs to be reminded who his alma mater is. Two games in a row (OSU and AZ) he was cheering against BH and UCLA.

A glimpse at the insanity: you are not allowed to criticize your alma mater or any of its coaches. Can you get any more Bruin than Walton? A little hint: he's not cheering against BH (well maybe), definitely not against UCLA, but against bad coaching.

In a way It's a good loss for the Bruins to the Oregon ugly ducklings haha cause I guarantee they'll learn a lot from this loss when they watch it on film. They'll beat Arizona next week you heard it from me go Bruins.

Yes, our team should lose a lot more games so that by the time the tournament comes, they're geniuses! Example #22487 of moral victory wimps.

anyone else tired of all the bitching? A win is a win...a lose is a lose. We get it Coach bh is not a right fit for ucla...but show some bruin pride. support the teams..the players their efforts..eight clap..GO BRUINS!!

Don't criticize! And don't spell either!

If ever you hear anyone tell you Ben Howland cannot coach basketball and does not know the game, understand immediately you are speaking to someone vastly ignorant of the game itself & how it is played. There are places to criticize Howland and his overall management of the program & places to ask for and expect improvement. But if you hear that teams win in spite of him, smile & know you're the smarter side of the exchange.

Ah yes, I am the purveyor of basketball wisdom. Hear ye hear ye, thou shall hereby know that what I say is the Truth. I know basketball better than Bill Walton, even!

Feel sick yet? That's just a sample folks. And guess what: you can be sure that many of these are not from UCLA alums. Win today so I can feel good, to hell with tomorrow.

Scorched earth cheering is not for me, thank you very much. This is UCLA Basketball. We put college basketball on the map and it's time to get back to the top of the pyramid. Howlers need not apply.

Go Bruins!