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Get It Done: UCLA @ Arizona State Gamethread

Can the freshmen take the lead once again?

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Travis Wear will not play today following the concussion he sustained against Arizona on Thursday. That said, this is a win we expect the Bruins to pull out, as even without the better Wear twin, UCLA still has the better team. As DCBruins noted, ASU is just as thin as we are even in the absence of TWear, and our depth problems are a result of Howland's own roster mismanagement, so of course we will not accept this as an excuse for a loss today.

ASU currently sits at third place in the PAthetiC-12 right behind the Bruins, and frankly that says more about the state of the conference than ASU. No, it's not the Sun Devils' fault (although getting waxed by Big East pushover DePaul at home doesn't help) but it illustrates the lack of talent in this conference that reinforces our expectations that our conference slate should contain a lot of Ws. And that includes today. It's time to get it done.