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Saying a lot with a little--this is the stuff of poetry. While I can appreciate the craft, I make no claim of membership in the club of poets. Real poets would disown me by the end of the first stanza.

Still, I won't let that stop me from shooting off my mou..., er, expressing myself. With sincere apologies to true practitioners of the venerable and noble art of Haiku, I present verses on the subject of the current UCLA basketball program, under CBH.

Game plan for Thursdays
Get Lavinesque victories
Fall flat thereafter

Don't communicate
Don't let them know what you think
Why get to know them?

Pick your favorites
Play them over all others
Let them run the show

Take out hot players
Call time-out when not needed
Kill the momentum

D's over-rated
Matadors play it just fine
Let them score; ball's ours

Potential on bench
Pales next to seeing your pets
And Serbian bricks

Don't ever adjust
At halftime or on weekend
Stand pat, regardless

Ignore your failings
All of the greats were stubborn
So should you be, too

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