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Howler Redux: Ben Howland Rules!

A second look at more of the irrational exuberance around Ben Howland, and other nonsense hurled at BN.

You be nice to Ben!  He's cuddly!
You be nice to Ben! He's cuddly!

After a fluke yet unsurprising victory against Arizona, the Howlers came out in droves to defend their Dear Leader. You would think the loss against ASU would have sobered them up a bit, but instead they just change their arguments and reach back in their bag of tired old smelly excuses. While some try to be respectful and post their thoughts coherently, others just...howl. Here's another sample from the various discussions

Blame the fans!

fickle and impatient nature of the fans.

How can we give Howland only 10 years to prove himself? We're so unreasonable.

Fans cannot see what goes on behind the scenes every day at practice.

Including you, yet you choose to blindly defend the coach.

Also, with the influx of more and more international students each year (who don't care about basketball), it's hard to imagine that the situation will get any better if we don't have new leadership soon.

Those damn foreigners! Blame Canada!

Stockholm Syndrome

Although he can be stubborn at times, he has clearly shown adjustment in his coaching style and game.

It's true! Instead of having Dragovic shoot ill-advised shots and not play defense, he's having David Wear do it!

Ben Howland's passion and love for UCLA is unquestionable.

So much so that he looked at the DePaul job.

Howland has brought this year's team into relevance.

After sending it into irrelevance the last four years.

The fact still remains that Howland trains his players and makes them NBA ready.

So, clearly he is qualified to be a D-League coach.

It took John Wooden himself several years of highs and lows before he won his first championship but eventually he got ten of them.

Howland got to the national championship game in his third year. Can we at least hold him accountable to his own performance?

If they continue at this pace they will have won at least 23 games. 23-8 is more than enough to get back into the NCAA Tournament.

If we're lucky, our opponent in the play-in game will not be very good.

No one wants to coach for UCLA!

You will be hard-pressed to find another coach in college circles that will give a damn about UCLA.

Yes, because coaches love to express their interest in another position while they're employed. And you call us negative.

But which coaches are sincerely interested in coming to Westwood? UCLA is a tough place to coach with all the high expectations.

Seriously. Look at Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, where they don't have any expectations.

It's anyone's fault but Ben's

The real culprit is the one and done rule.

It's just so unfair to Ben and only Ben.

What can you do when players leave because they feel they are not getting enough playing time? can plan and recruit accordingly? Or, you can try not pissing them off by giving them playing time and not play favorites.

this loss lands squarely on the shoulders of the players.

You mean, the ones who are actual Bruins? Wait, I thought we were the jerks. Oh, but nope, we've never blamed the players. So who's the "true fan" now?

The Eight Ball says...

The injury to Travis, at the end of the day, will be better for us (because Parker will play more).

OR you could have just played Parker more earlier, no?

The real litmus test... will be ... how they play ... by the end of february! ..

Phew...we can relax now. Hey guys, just go ahead and chill, play some jungle ball, have fun, it doesn't matter how you play now. Just turn it on later and we'll be good.

Don't look here, look there!

carolina needs to fire roy. he had three kids transfer out his program at the same time. and look, the one they heckled as "turnover jesus" is leading the nation in turnover to assist ratio. and leading the pac 12 in assists.

Yeah, Roy. It's not like you've won championships or anything. You have zero leeway pal, you suck!

We're doing better than 13-6 Kentucky or 13-6 UNC

For the purposes of this study, I have left out Duke, Kansas, Syracuse and Michigan State.

The UCLA Women's Basketball team is about as successful as the Mens team, Should Coach Close be fired too? (UCLA Men 6-2, 16-5) UCLA Women (6-2, 15-4).

What. The. Fuuuuunion.

And now, from the psych files of our Facebook page:

YOU are not a fan site. you are bunch of old hacks lift over from the 70s who probably haven't been to ucla in decades.

Sorry geezers...

2,127 fans like BN. woo hoo. to the other 10 thousands + (just an approximate) that dont like you guys, they have yet to see that majority of BN fans are against BN.

Approximate, as in I totally pulled that out of my ass.

BN is giving out false information about the state of the program and how most UCLA fans feel.

We have very creative writers and web programmers who can make it look like the articles and box scores to which we link are actually real!

BN isn't a UCLA fan site. Instead, it is the exact opposite, a site dedicated to celebrating every UCLA loss, downplaying every victory, and insulting every employee. If you try to write something positive about UCLA on BN, you will be insulted and then banned.

Well everyone, I hope you all enjoyed all those phat parties we've thrown over the years. My personal favorites were the shindig after 50-0 and the mad dance party after Cal Poly.

Ok that's enough, I can do no more. By the way...all of these comments are under basketball posts. We get nothing like this on football posts, no complaints about negativity or not being a "true fan". So, either we're at least half right, or the other idiots are always wrong. Idiots win.