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Recruiting Bites: NSD Festivities in Westwood, Quashing Hollins to Notre Dame Rumor & Vanderdoes Announcement

News and notes from UCLA football recruiting trail.

Since our last frontpage recruiting tidbits post was hopping thought I start a fresh one early this am. Coach Jim Mora is getting excited and just tweeted a link the to the video above. More details on the official site on the NSD celebration at the PUG (Pauley Under Glass):

DATE: February 6, 2013

LOCATION: Pauley Pavilion. Enter through the North doors.

ADMISSION: FREE and open to the public (due to NCAA recruiting restrictions, high school students cannot be admitted). RSVP required.

No word on whether chianti and donuts will be served.

The doors will open at 6:15 pm. Coach Mora and his staff will go over video higlights of upcoming recruits. Telemachus posted the videos of last year's event here, here ,and here.

Sounds like fun. Couple of quick notes that are worth highlighting here:

  • There were rumors being floated (by Notre Dame Irish fans?) that UCLA commit Deon Hollins was going to flip to the Irish and look for fake girlfriends out in South Bend. Hollins' Dad quashed those rumors promptly last night. Details here from the previous thread.
  • Eddie Vanderdoes will announce his decision on NSD at 5 pm (PST). People are trying their best to read their tealeaves and we are not going to jump into that madness. But it's good to know Eddie is not going to string this along.

What else? If you have recruiting news/links to share, fire them up in fanshots. Offer your extended thoughts on Fanposts and if you have general quick recruiting observations to share fire them up here in the comment thread. This can be our recruiting open thread on the home page.