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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse

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Ring a ring of roses...
Ring a ring of roses...
Harry How

Special programming note from Chris Kluwe:

Watch tonight!!

College Football is officially over for the season. By the way, Pac-12 Refs officiated the title game last night.

Hmm, he would know.

Good try, possible QB of the future:

It seems like ages ago, but the Rose Bowl was less than a week ago.

I hope it comes soon.

UCLA: home of STUDENT Athletes:

NFL Playoffs recap:

Unfortunately the season ended for Paulsen and for Kai Forbath at the hands of Cheatey Petey, so Go Falcons this weekend.

And the Vikings season is also over:

And how Christian Yount is spending his off season:


I've been alone in the dorms over winter break too, and yes, it is CREEPY without anyone around.

By the way, speaking of empty dorms, look at what former UCLA assistant coach Kerry Keating did:

There were a few kids that took him up on the offer.

Once the dorms opened up, the football players were ecstatic the dining halls were open:

I see fries, two grilled cheese, a chicken sandwich (or a burger), three slices of pizza, some pasta, two things of taquitos, and some fruit. I just gained 5 pounds looking at that!

Also in the dorms and now enrolled is Lacy Westbrook, whom you may recall collapsed in the fall and required brain surgery:

Hopefully he was able to become official today. Welcome to Westwood, Lacy!

This is what it means to be a teammate:

If you don't speak "sneaker" the Jordan XI's are a ridiculously popular, in demand, always sells out in five minutes, causes fights in parking lots shoe release. The "Concords" was a recently re-released and of course hard to get... unless your name is Russell Westbrook and on the Jordan Brand. Um Russell I could use the "Playoffs" edition .. or the Space Jams...

Oof, I miss Bossa Nova.

Good job Jordan:

The beat writer round up. If anyone can help out former UCLA beat writer Miguel Melendez...

I LOVE Boy Meets World.

I'm not a Seinfeld fan though.

We also bid farewell to Baxter Holmes, who was providing good coverage for the LA Times, but he is moving on to the Boston Globe to cover the Celtics.

Aww, happy birthday Kenny Lacy:

Me too, Malcolm.

This is why I started making them from scratch. I made chocolate chip cookies last night, if you're all interested. No wait, I don't have enough to share!

Go Bruins.