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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Back to School and Baseball Etiquette

The student part of student athlete resumed on Thursday.

Stephen Dunn

School's back in session!


Steven, one day you'll be able to rig your schedule where you are in class two days a week.  But he still loves classes.

UCLA, home of... celebrities.

A few final thoughts on the Kiffykins dismissal:

Jerry Neuheisel is here to remind us the firing affects more than just Kiffin, having been through this a few times:

Bryce Alford is ready for basketball practice:

Did you catch Kareem on Crossfire?  Should NCAA Athletes be paid?

Congrats Chris Horton!

Also Happy Birthday to Jeff Locke and David Brown (basketball) this past week.

Chris Kluwe went to a baseball game and tells us EXACTLY WHY THE WAVE SHOULD BE BANNED.

If I ever see a wave at a UCLA football game, you should be kicked out of the stadium.  Unless Dan is on the field, and you're waving good bye to him.

Go Bruins.