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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Ring Bling, Fauria Dances, and Playoff Baseball

Your UCLA Bruins twitter recap for the past week.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Bling bling, show us that ring.

Power couple bling.

So true:

Eric Byrnes and other Bruins were inducted into the Hall of Fame over the weekend. Is this another possible Hall of Famer?

Along the baseball lines, since Chris Kluwe is still unemployed he has been tweeting baseball playoffs (and football games if he's not busy playing video games.) People were giving him a hard time on twitter and we're reminded football was not his first and only sport.

Yes, how can a tall person be afraid of heights?

In case you didn't know the dances/routines Joe Fauria did with his three touchdown day on Sunday:

Never change, Christian Yount, but I guess as we get older, we learn we have limits.

Children are ninjas, that's how they do this:

We all heart UCLA.

And rep it daily:

Happy birthday Eddie Vanderdoes! (10/13)

Go Bruins.