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Wannah Bail Eligible: One Less Excuse

(TR)Alford's transfer buddy Wannah Bail has been deemed eligible.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If there was any doubt that (TR)Alford would have no excuses for not delivering an elite season, including challenging for the conference title into the final weekend, and at least one victory in the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament, those doubts can now be put to rest. (TR)Alford's buddy, Wannah Bail, has been deemed eligible by the NCAA.

Though (TR)Alford's backcourt depth problem is largely one of his own making due to his crappy recruiting and missteps regarding statements on his son, he won't have those problems in the front court anymore. And that's not me talking, that's straight from the source:

We just aren’t that deep on the front court because you’ve got the Wear twins and then Tony, and Wanaah would really help with the depth of our front court. Very athletic. Very good presence. He can play mostly inside, but he can go to the perimeter and play. He gives you a big man like the Wear twins who is a little more versatile."

Front court depth: check. Back court depth: self inflicted wound, deal with it. Check. Core of a conference championship team returning: Check. No Excuses for at least a top 2 conference finish and an Elite 8 berth: check.

We're TRAnsfer U, baby!